Thirty Days of Prayer for My Pastor – Day 23


 “For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”

Matthew 10:20

Father God, in today’s world we see and hear so many preachers that want to be popular so they say only what the congregation wants to hear. We see preachers that are agreeing with gay marriage, because many in their flock are living that lifestyle. They agree with abortion, because it would upset another segment to not agree. They change the way they worship, praise, and live to suit the popularity of the world. We see so much in our world today that does not align with your Word, Lord, but it doesn’t make it right. Give our clergy the wisdom to follow You and to lead us with the Words that you give them.

Lord, I bring my pastor to You right now to deliver him from any desire to follow the people, over You, in the words he brings to us. May the Spirit of God be his guide in leading us, Lord, and when the Spirit speaks to him, don’t let him go until he has listened and obeyed. We have a hard battle in front of us, Jesus, but You have given us life and given it to us abundantly. Please, God, do not let us lose out on the blessings; speak to us through our pastor. Give him the confidence to stand and speak in any situation trusting in You to provide the words.

I pray for boldness for my pastor, to step out on faith when the Holy Spirit prompts him, and to not fear what man may say. I pray for our congregation to not follow the church, or their own limitations, but to look into your Word to align their desires. Sometimes, the way we did it, was not always the right way, God’s way. Deliver us from wanting to stay where we are and move us, Holy Spirit. Move us as You lead our pastor to take us where You want us to go. In music, in outreach, in children’s and youth ministry, take us with You, Lord, through the leading of our clergy. In Jesus’ Name I plead,


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