Thirty Days of Prayer for My Pastor – Day 15


“And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart”                                            

Luke 18:1

Prayer  is how we communicate with You, Father God. I ask, Lord, that the ministers of our church would always be men of prayer. That they would know the fullness of prayer, and that they would cry out to You, Father God, for the healing – both spiritual and physical –  for themselves, their families, their congregations, their communities and their nation. Give them a heart to pray for the lost in a world that doesn’t want to be found.

I pray for a steadfast spirit within our pastor, that he would not lose heart. That he will recognize the greatness of You when the answer he receives is not as he expected. I ask,, Father that my pastor would walk so close to You, that your desires become his. That he would not fall short in listening for the leading of the Holy Spirit in praying according to your will.

I ask that he would pray without ceasing and that he would feel the tug of the Holy Spirit to pray for others. That, when a name comes to mind, he will recognize that as a call to pray. No, he may not know what the circumstances are, but that he would lift that person to your throne.

Lord, we are all human; our clergy included. There is no magic formula for prayer and no “set in stone” way to talk with You. Help them to know that the only wrong prayer is the one not prayed.

Open the doors of heaven as our pastor falls on his knees and cries “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty.” Honor his communication with You, Father God, and give him the strength for the battle he fights on his knees. And I ask, Lord, that our pastor would lead us as a congregation, to be known as a praying church.

In Jesus’ Name,


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