Throwback Thursday

Did you ever want something so bad that your insides hurt? Have you ever yearned for something for so long that you couldn’t think a thought without that one desire entering your mind? I have.

I ache. I hurt. I long. To have my daughter back. I miss her real smile, not the one I get now that says nothing. I miss her telling me that she will always be there for her Dad and me when we get old. Well, we’re old. And she’s not here. Oh, physically she is here, but heroin, alcohol and drugs have robbed us of the tender teacher that was our daughter. Please, God, restore my daughter to the person inside. Make her aware of every lie she tells and every time she thinks she is putting one over on us. And, Lord, empty her of the evil that has taken up residence and replace the gap with Your Holy Spirit.

Many of you out there are hurting just like me. Our prodigals are unaware of the pain that we have and the reality that there is very little that they do that we are not aware of. We may not say anything, because, well, what good would it do.

If you have loved ones who are in the grips of Satan through drugs, alcohol, addiction of any type, pray this prayer from Sylvia Gunter’s Prayer Portions with me and replace the name underlined with your prodigal loved one.

“Father, we come boldly to Your throne of grace, and find mercy and grace to help in time of need. Grant our child release from bondage to strongholds of the enemy. We plead the blood of Jesus to cancel all commands of the powers of darkness in our loved ones life. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. His blood defeated the god of this age. In Jesus’ name, take back all ground that our child gave the enemy. Draw her out of bondage and deception.

We have the heavenly intercession of the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Father, focus the intercession of the Spirit on our daughter . Answer these prayers according to Your perfect will. Lord Jesus, our Intercessor, apply all Your mighty work against the enemy. Bring all the power of the incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension against the assignments seeking to destroy our loved one. Most High God, contend with those who contend with our child. Rebuke the enemy in all his operations. Dispatch mighty warrior angels to do battle on her behalf.

Send Your light and Your truth and lead her. Remove all spiritual blindness, deafness, and hardness of heart. Grant her eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that seeks You. I plead Your mercy and grace over all her personal sin, failure, and family iniquities. Break through and heal our child‘s wounded spirit. Bind a hedge of thorns around her that will repel all the works of darkness in her life.

This battle is not against flesh and blood, and we have spiritual weapons that set captives free. By Your Holy Spirit, break every yoke of bondage in her life. Grant our child conviction of sin with godly sorrow to repentance and deliverance from captivity. Set her completely free. It is written, you shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Thank You for Your mighty work by the blood of Christ Jesus. Thank You for granting me the grace, power, persistence, and love in intercession with faith for our child until You are glorified in her life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Oh, and why did I name this Throwback Thursday? Because it is time to “throw back” our loved one to the Feet of Jesus.


The Brevity of this Life

“Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. O Lord, come back to us! How long will you delay? Take pity on your servants! Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives. Give us gladness in proportion to our former misery! Replace the evil years with good. Let us, your servants see you work again; let our children see your glory. And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful!”                                                                                                                          Psalm 90:12 -17

The brevity of life. The shortness of time. The brief span of our lives in relation to eternity. If we could only realize this then maybe we would grow in wisdom. Maybe our prayers would change from “God I need…” to “God, save our nation!” “God, change our world for you!” “God! Defeat Satan and the strongholds he has on our families!”

We would cry, “Come back to us, Lord. Restore our world, our country, our neighborhood, and our family.” And we would have the wisdom to know that God is not a religion running a campaign to be the biggest and best, but that God is God. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God. And He wants us to reach out to Him with open hearts to His Word written thousands of years ago as the only instruction that we need in this brief life. How awesome is His preparation for a people that would turn away from Him?

O, God! We cry out to You to give us one more chance before your Son’s return. Heal our hearts, Lord. Replace the evil years of serving other gods with the peace of serving You. The blood of Jesus Christ is our bond; the way that we serve that bond should not be a weapon that we use against each other. Let us see You work, Lord. Bind us together in love, the only commandment in the new covenant. Forgive us, Lord, as a nation that has become so selfish that we have turned your Word around to fulfill our own worldly desires. Let us see You work again, Lord! Let us see the glory of your salvation in our world, our country, our state, and our family.

“And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful!”

Godly submission – Notes for the day 02/06/2015

I have struggled with the name of this book. I know that God wants me to write on godly submission in women, but the focus was still off. On the whiteboard in my office I started writing different titles as they came to me. “Submission – God’s Instructions for Women”, “Woman! You are Worthy”, and “Godly Submission – How to be a Godly Woman in a Sinful World” were just a few of the ideas that I came up with.

But then I started thinking about the reasons that God laid out for being submissive and how they played out in real life and I realized that I had the idea, but the fullness was still in God’s design.

I went back to Genesis 2 and started reading,

“Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone,” I will make him a helper fit for him.”…So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took on of his ribs, and closed up its place with flesh. And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.” 

The whole purpose of making a woman was to be a helper for man. This creation was given certain unique characteristics that would support this man in a way that man could not support himself. She was given a tenderness, a special insight into behaviors, and a special kind of strength (not physical) that could uphold the man when he felt at his weakest. Woman, in all her glory, was made to help man fulfill his godly calling.

This book is not just about how a woman should live a submissive life, but it is about how she can live her life in order to support the man in her life. Whether that man is her husband, father, brother or even God Himself, a woman’s role is designed to support.

I think I’m ready to start writing now.

Godly submission – Notes for the day 01/19/2015

Wow, the more I study, the more humble I feel. And the more I realize why God ordered the roles as He did.

“And Sarai said to Abram, “May the wrong done to me be on you! I gave my servant to your embrace, and when she saw that she had conceived, she looked on me with contempt. May the Lord judge between you and me!” Genesis 16:5

Abraham was promised that he would produce the lineage that would fulfill God’s plan to restore man’s relationship to God. He was told that he and Sarai would start that lineage together. Sarai knew of this plan that God had shared with her husband, but she got tired of waiting. She probably went through menopause, got older and more tired and less sexually inclined and decided that she would take matters into her own hands. After all, Abraham wasn’t getting any younger, either, and if he was to produce a child, wouldn’t it be logical that it be sooner rather than later?

So Sarai told Abraham to go in and sleep with her handmaid, Hagar. And Abraham, being the loving, “give my wife whatever she wants” husband, obliged. And thus began a struggle that still wages war in some countries today. What power Sarai exercised when she played on Abraham’s love for her!

It scares me to think that I could have that much say in my hubby and my lives. It scares me to think that something that I want, that he gives me out of the love of his heart, could ultimately affect our children and their children for generations to come.

God has assigned women a lot of responsibility. At the same time, He has wrapped us in a cloak of protection and love. He has also called us to walk hand-in-hand with Him so that the desires of our hearts will match that of our Lord.

I have to be careful to talk all of my desires over with God before I mention them to my hubby. Or my pastor. Or any other man who has the final decision. I do not want to be responsible for causing derision in my home, in my church, or in my community through selfish manipulation. God’s design is perfect; I want to recognize that perfection in my life and the submission of my self to His design.

Godly submission – Notes for the day 01/17/2015

This morning I was reading in 1 Peter for Godly submission for women and I was referred back to 1 Corinthians chapter 11. There, Paul outlines the godly role for women and I started feeling offended when I read that only men should lead the church and teach other men. I felt that old “you’re not worth anything” feeling well up in my heart. So I prayed. Now, if you read my first post when I started writing this book, then you know that I prayed that God would remind me when I started feeling this way and that He would, first of all, forgive me. I also prayed that He would lead me to the truth and that is exactly what He did this morning.

I stopped my reading and started praying. I talked to God and let Him know that I didn’t understand why I was offended and defensive. Then God, in His true faithfulness, revealed that my inner emotions were coming from the fact that the men in my life as I was growing up did not set the godly example that heads up God’s perfect design for the family. The men in my life were addicts – alcohol and drugs, they were sexual predators and false Christians, and they did not show the respect for the women in their world as God commanded. I did not want men like that telling me what to do and I was always trying to prove my worth by being better than they were at whatever.

God calls men to walk side-by-side with their wives to fulfill the trinity of marriage. The man represents the godhead in that he looks to God for his direction, decisions and leads his family in God’s way. The woman supports her husband in prayer, caring for his family while he goes out into the world and fights the battles against whatever would come against the family. He can do this with confidence when his help-mate is filling the role that God gave her.

I have a godly man as my husband. He works hard to support us both financially and morally. He talks to God when he has problems and witnesses to others of God’s grace and provision. But most of all, he has helped me take the rightful role of wife through his respect for me and honor for what I do. We pray together when we have decisions to make. Sometimes he asks me to pray for him, because he trusts me. I have traveled a long road to submission and I have only done it through God’s direct path through my husband.

I still have a lot to learn about godly submission, but I believe that God has called me to write this book and as I do, He will teach me.