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Book Crash Review: “Count to One: God’s Plan for Christian Unity”

No matter the denominational preference you have, the fact is that unless Christians unite, we are still lost in an unforgiving world. “Count to One” gives us solid advice for bringing the body of Christ to the One who provides that unity.

Title and Author

“Count to One – God’s Plan for Christian Unity” by Bishop Robert (Rt. Rev. Robert J. Gosselin, PhD

Summary / Overview

This book explores the desires of Christian leaders from all denominations to be rejoined as one body. The author takes us, Christians, through scripture in an effort to break down religious barriers to this unity and show us how to use the scripture as a roadmap to true Christian unity. “Count to One” is written in clear, concise, easy to understand language. The Study Guides at the end of the book are a good starting point for both individual and group study.

Each chapter of the book offers a roadmap to overcoming barriers to Christian unity, while the Epilogue: Dealing with Discipline sums up what it will take for the body of Christ to be unified. This epilogue is more than a letter from a father to his son, it is a letter from our Father to us and outlines what we must do to join as a family of God:

Appraisal / Evaluation / Review

I have to admit, coming from a Bapti – costal perspective, I, at first, found the writing very dry and calculated. I almost gave up reading, but I thank God I continued. As I read, I felt the desire in Bishop Robert’s heart for all Christians to be unified and the writing itself became all the more clear. I believe that Bishop Robert writes from the leading of the Holy Spirit and that the scripture he uses is right on target with God’s divine will to bring His body together as one in order to fight our common enemy.

I advise all Christians to put aside denominational preferences and read “Count to One: God’s Plan for Christian Unity” with an open heart and a mind for doing whatever it takes to bring unity to God’s people.

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Count to One: God’s Plan for Christian Unity

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