Sheila L. Llewellyn – Christian Author


From Self – esteem to God – esteem

Every new Christian has questions about the life they should be living after they accept Christ as their Savior. Every mature Christian wonders if they are following Christ in their lives. From Self-esteem to God-esteem seeks to answer some of these questions as the reader joins the author on her road from salvation to righteousness.



Prayers for Prodigals

Ministering to families of loved ones with addictions


Granma, where’s my Mommy?

A book to help caregivers of loved ones with addictions. Help for children who don’t understand why their parent isn’t always there.



Submission is NOT a Four – letter Word

Discover the true meaning of submission as we go through God’s Word together. God’s plan is perfect and He only wants the best life for us.



Don’t Drink the Green Juice!

Ordinary wisdom for extraordinary women! Laugh with me through the perils and lessons of life.



Prayers for Prodigals – Workbook

Want to serve families of loved ones with addictions? This workbook accompanies the Prayers for Prodigals book and gives tips for starting the ministry and leading others to God’s peace,


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