Christian Writer


It’s all about relationship, not religion.

“What a wonderful book, The author, Sheila Llewellyn does a wonderful job explaining how we go from receiving Jesus into our hearts and making Him real in our lives. A relationship with Jesus is spelled out via several aspects as she walks you through her life. This is an easy read book and a wonderful tool for new christians. I however am an “old” christian and found it simply an awesome book. Well done!” D. Wills (Amazon)

Submission is NOT a Four - letter Word_v2

Revised! Study guide included after each chapter!

“This book helps women live a joy filled life while being a devoted wife and mother. It shows us that women can still be successful in their career and/or church ministry and be submitted to their husband or other authority.” (Amazon)

Prayers for Prodigals

“A great guide for the lost parent. When you feel you can’t go another day, hour or minute, this book will give you hope, strengthen your faith and allow you to release the burden to replace grief with joy that only the love of God can bring.” L. Soileau (Amazon)




“This book can help facilitate a challenging discussion with children who have a loved one (especially a parent or caregiver) who is struggling with addiction. Clearly and simply written.” Melissa M. (Amazon)



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