Sheila L. Llewellyn – Christian Author

Truly something for each of you extraordinary ladies!

“I think “Don’t Drink the Green Juice” is a wonderfully fun and encouraging book. Sheila has a welcoming and delightful way of inviting you into her vulnerability. She shares her joys and even her hurts and then points the reader to Jesus through it all. The book is so engaging that even the busiest mom would have time to enjoy it.”
Brittney S – Pastor’s Wife, busy Mom of young children

It’s all about relationship, not religion.
Submission is NOT a Four - letter Word_v2
Women fight for respect.
There is a better way.
Prayers for Prodigals
Families of loved ones with addictions, you are not alone.
“A great guide for the lost parent. When you feel you can’t go another day, hour or minute, this book will give you hope, strengthen your faith and allow you to release the burden to replace grief with joy that only the love of God can bring.” L. Soileau (Amazon)
Counseling tool for children of addicted parents.
Counseling tool for children of addicted parents.

“This book can help facilitate a challenging discussion with children who have a loved one (especially a parent or caregiver) who is struggling with addiction. Clearly and simply written.” Melissa M. (Amazon)

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