Godly Submission – How to be a sanctified woman in a fallen world

‘Father God, I commit to being completely submissive to your will in writing this book. Remind me when I start to feel or get into my own self-esteem. Teach me, Lord, through your Word, first. Use Christian authors to lead me to the Scriptures and then let your Holy Spirit interpret according to You. Forgive me, Lord, for the times that I am going to feel hurt, and when I am going to not understand and feel that I am a second-class citizen. I know I am going to so I am asking for a reminder and forgiveness ahead of time. I love You, Lord. And I feel that this is a call from You to write this book. Give me grace, and support me, Lord as I study your Word. Amen”

I appreciate your prayers as I start writing and researching for this book. I know that God has called me to a very difficult topic, especially for me. You see, I have preached revivals and seen people come to Jesus through the preaching. I have served as an Associate Pastor over Women’s Ministries in an inner-city church. And I have preached in various congregations across the US. God has never let His Word return void. So why the book? God is calling me to a deeper relationship with Him and He wants to take me to a depth of desire for Him that I have never known. He wants to take me on a journey, hand in hand, with my loving Savior. And He wants to show me that, yes, He honors my effort in speaking, but He has so much more for me. He wants me to rise above the superficial and get to the fiber of serving Him. And that is why I am writing this book.

Pray with me.

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