Heart Notes of Life

Years ago I started writing in a journal as a way of baring my heart to God. Each night I would pour out my frustrations of the day  through words put to paper.

After a few years I realized that I was no longer just writing about my frustrations, but about my joys as well. And that ¬†is how HeartNotes began. My first book was a scripture – based photo book. I captured God’s creation with my camera, set it to a book format and underlined it with scripture as God spoke it to me.

Over the years I have spoken HeartNotes through a local radio program, shared Happy Tuesday devotions with college students and led women’s retreats for various denominations.

I have a burden for leading women to become all they can be with Christ as the basis for change. We are called by God to live life to the fullest and I counsel you to do that through the one true counseling tool…the Bible. The answer to all of this life’s problems is in this Book and God has chosen to let me live a life that enables me to take His Word and counsel you to that full life. Where do you need to hear the truth? Are you abused? Divorced? Alone? Depressed? Or any combination of a million other ways that Satan tries to keep us from enjoying the peace that passes all of this world’s understanding? Talk with me and together we will walk through the Scripture to find your answer. Use the form below to make an initial contact; I want to help.

I hope you enjoy the blogs here. Each word is sanctioned by God and drawn from the Holy Spirit inside of me. I welcome your comments, but most of all I welcome your prayers. Pray that God will continue to use me through Heart Notes of Life.

Sheila Llewellyn

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