You never know how God will supply

cashier“I (Jesus) have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33


I went to the ENT doctor today for a checkup on the medication for COPD. The visit went well; I am showing great improvement in breathing and the medication is not causing any side effects. It went well, at least until the end. The doctor turned to his assistant and told her to order a more comprehensive PFT at our local hospital. I was a little taken aback, but didn’t say anything. We discussed the refills for my inhalers and then the doctor explained that the last time I was in I was in pretty bad shape and he wanted to make sure that no other damage was done to my lungs. He then smiled and escorted me to the exit.

I say in my door-less Jeep for a few minutes letting the soft breeze blow through and cleanse me of my apprehension at the words “in pretty bad shape.” It didn’t work. Now, I’m not one to worry, but any human is going to have at least a little bit of fear of the unknown in situations like this. I drove out of the parking lot and turned on K-Love, my favorite Christian radio station and let my mind focus on the praise coming across the airwaves.

I decided to stop at our local grocery and pick up some cleaning supplies. I usually use the self – check lane, but today I rolled my buggy into the cashier’s lane and smiled. She greeted me with a typical, “How are you today?” And I responded with my usual, “I’m blessed, how are you?” What followed next was a pure Jesus moment.

The cashier responded with, “I am beyond blessed!” And she proceeded to tell me how just a few months ago she was at death’s door with asthma and COPD. Even the oxygen she had been on for so long could not help her breathe and she was ready to join her husband in their heavenly home. But just before she crossed over, her husband met her and told her to go back, “God’s not done with you yet.”

The doctors are amazed, but I’m not. She stood there in front of me, smiling, healthy, no oxygen, and telling me of all that she is now doing in her church: teaching Sunday School, driving the Sunday morning bus, and sharing her testimony. God is not done with her. And He is not done with me.

Jesus gave me the desire to pull into that checkout lane and He gave this precious lady the words that He knew I needed to hear. I can have perfect peace, because my God knows where I am, what I am going through, and what my next step should be.

Someday I will cross that river into glory, but for now, I have a peace that passes all understanding. And I pray that I can be just as much of a blessing to someone today, as the cashier was to me.

Author: Sheila Llewellyn

I am a Christian wife, mother, grandmother and friend. My birth verse is Galatians 5:25 "If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit" and it truly represents how I want to be known. My blog is my personal insight into living as a godly submissive wife, a mother with "eyes in the back of her head" and Mamaw's Baby Grands can do no wrong. I hope that you will find exactly what you need each time you read. Be blessed. Sheila

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