Do I Really Want to be Healed?



“Inside the city…was the pool of Bethesda, with five covered porches. Crowds of sick people–blind, lame, or paralyzed–lay on the porches. One of the men lying there had been sick for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him and knew he had been ill for a long time, He asked him, “Would you like to get well?” “I can’t, sir,” the sick man said, “for I have no one to put me into the pool when the water bubbles up. Someone always gets there ahead of me.”                                                                                        John 5:2-7

Would you like to get well…what kind of question is that??? Why would any person who was in pain not want to be healed?

God is so faithful to speak to us when He is ready to move, and I believe that He is ready to move in my life to remove the pain that is keeping me from fully serving Him. Why do I think that? Confirmation. Last night as I wrote in my journal before I went to sleep I closed it out with, “Lord, heal me of anything that would keep me from fulfilling the ministry You have laid on my heart.” Now, I do not doubt that God can still heal miraculously. What I doubt is why I should receive another major healing. When I start to think of asking God to heal me, I go to the Scriptures that Paul wrote and I claim the disease as my “thorn in my side.” So when I realized what I had written, it was followed by a quickly breathed, “If it be Your will, Lord. Heal me.”

Then, this morning when my daughter called, she said, “Mom, God is going to heal you. I know that He is.” Just out of the clear, blue sky. And she said that she had put me on a couple of prayer chains for healing. God spoke to her and she obeyed.

And all morning I had the verses above in my mind about the man by the pool of Bethesda and how God’s first question was, “Would you like to get well?” God is speaking to me and I am answering with a resounding, “Yes! I want to get well!” I want lungs full of air that can sing hallelujah’s and I want energy to spread the word about the Prayers for Prodigals Ministry that God placed on my heart. I want to remember the people that I counsel with so I can lift them up in prayer by name and by their loved ones’ names.

Do you want to get well? Whatever the ailment is, whether mental, physical or emotional, do you want God to heal it? Or are you sitting by the pool waiting for someone to pay attention to you? The attention you get from your pain is not the attention you want. Give it to God. Let Him heal you and release His power through your testimony that others may be healed.

Hallelujah! God heals.



Author: Sheila Llewellyn

I am a Christian wife, mother, grandmother and friend. My birth verse is Galatians 5:25 "If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit" and it truly represents how I want to be known. My blog is my personal insight into living as a godly submissive wife, a mother with "eyes in the back of her head" and Mamaw's Baby Grands can do no wrong. I hope that you will find exactly what you need each time you read. Be blessed. Sheila

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